We could sum up the “about us” in one simple statement … A group of real people living life in a BIG way, on a mission to help you do the same.

Now, if you just really want to know more, here’s the story behind the family and the club.

The Smokin’ Hot Mama Club was founded in 2009 by Lonnie and Pamela Crim.  Yip, that’s us.  What started as a simple mission to help one single mama find her “smokin’ hot mama” self again (truly her words, not ours) turned into a FaceBook fan page that blew up with thousands of followers.  Those followers wanted more than just inspirational posts and the occasional selfies, they formed a sisterhood that demanded opportunities to share life together.  From that our BIG Life Adventure RETREATS were born as well as BIG Life Mentoring.  And now, well of course, all ladies want what … they want clothes!  So here we are.
crim family4

We are a real life couple, married for 20 years raising 3 awesome BIG Life teens, out following some crazy dreams and making life-changing memories and connections along the way.  We believe God created each of us to live a BIG, beautiful, juicy life, so that’s what we do.  We live, and we live well.  In 2012 we sold everything we owned and gave the rest away to live on the beaches of Southern California for a year.  Exactly 365 days later we once again packed up our suitcases and set out for an adventure on Tablerock Lake in Branson, Missouri.  Our next adventure includes buying a ranch, learning to raise hairy little beasts, and filming a documentary of the entertaining process.  Yip, that’s BIG Life to us.  Ever changing.  Ever exciting.  Ever BIG!


You will find us on most days out running together in the morning, writing and filming for the BIG Life followers during the day, and screaming like wild banshees at our kids’ ballgames in the evening.  Oh, and I (Pamela) have taken a daily gratitude photo every day for over 5 years now and share regularly on my personal FaceBook.  If you like watching the occasional adventure unfold, normal families around a dinner table, and growing teens, you’ll be highly entertained by following my daily photos.  It’s my simple little way of soaking in every day of life.

As a BIG Lifer, you are part of the family.  We are grateful for you and wish nothing but adventure, blessings, and BIG Life living for you and yours.

BIG LIFE = Become Your Best + Enjoy the Ride + Help Others do the Same